We are proud to now be distributors of KONG Climbing, Rope Access, and Height Safety products!Based in Italy, KONG have been producing top-quality height safety and climbing equipment since 1830, they're known for their excellent products which is why we now supply their equipment.

They supply innovative and revolutionary designed products that make all your working at height tasks much easier and safer. We only ever supply products from high-quality manufacturers who create products to the highest standards. These products give our already extensive range of Rope Access and Height Safety products a massive boost, you can now browse through even more of our specialist products. 

If you're interested in seeing our range of KONG climbing and rope access equipment you can click here. We have a fantastic range that is suited to fit a range of different applications so you should be able to find what you need. Or to learn more about some of the products we supply and why they are so revolutionary, keep reading. 

KONG Futura Hand Ascender Right Hand

This right-hand ascender is small enough to sit comfortably in a hand allowing you grab the product as if you were grabbing the actual rope.

KONG Ovalone DNA Twistlock Karabiner

A special "helical-shaped" connector with a twisted carbon steel body means it is ideal when dealing with an "offset" load. 

KONG Futura Foot Ascender Right Foot

Kong Futura Right Foot ascender improves rope access and tree climbers’ ability to climb when using similar products such as Futura Hand Ascender and Futura Body chest rope clamp.

If you have any questions about our new KONG range we are more than happy to help, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. To see our full range we have recently introduced click here to see our full Kong range. 



Transporting brash, logs, equipment or even tidying up after a job has never been easier! Here at Tree-Force.com we have an impressive array of heavy duty material handling trolleys.

Available to buy or hire we have a selection that covers all applications. Whether you are manoeuvring through tough terrain or going through a Forest, we have you covered!

Which one is best for you?!

Our most economical and best selling trolley is the Economical Log Tube Trolley. With a maximum Load of 250kg, length of 915mm and width of 430mm this log trolley was originally designed for heavy duty industrial use and large steel pipes.

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The Forestry Log Trolley  - Long Pipe/ Log is designed for manoeuvring longer logs than the Economical Log trolley. Our Forestry log trolley has a maximum load of 300kg, length of 1515mm and width of 555mm, however both this model and the model above have solid wheels.

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For a more compact solution the LiftinGear log/ tube trolley is brilliant for heavy duty industrial and forestry work. This Trolley takes logs or pipes up to 6 meters long. Removable handles help to steer and to tip the trolley, making it easy to manoeuver and remove logs.

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Heavy duty brash, log Arborist and forestry trolley is by far the most practical and flexible tool for manoeuvring logs and brash. With solid puncture proof rubber tyres,  maximum capacity of 500kg, width of 1020mm/ height of 892mm this trolley enables users to stack more logs than any of our other trolleys at once. You may think this trolley is extremely bulky and difficult to transport however, due to the removable side bars users can easily assemble and disassemble the log trolley.